You Actually Can Make Money Online!

Making money online has certainly changed from the early 90′s. What you could do back then, you certainly can’t now. But it doesn’t stop people from trying, especially new people to the internet who think they have found that they “can” make money online. They see some small ad or read something, then clicked on something else and before you know it, they are totally convinced that they have found that “ONE” thing that no one else knows about and it will make you a millionaire overnight. They read it, therefore it must be true and for only $35 they could be into to make the money they could never make in their real life.Maybe that’s you, maybe it’s your first time and you have found something that you totally believe in and you will only have to invest just a few dollars and then, all that lovely money is going to jump into your arms… well that’s kind of how they will spin that to you.So you pay your $35, then they say to be successful you will need your own domain and website so they tell you where you can go to buy all this for a low price of $35 for both the domain and website. But wait there is more… they take you through setting up your website and tell you where you can go to get traffic, and for only $20 a month you could get thousands of people visit your site each day but if you buy the premium package of $189 they will take care of everything for you. So that initial $35 has now jumped to a $279 investment and as yet you have not made any money.But everyone to this point has promised you will, so you follow the recipe they have prescribed for you and low and behold – NOTHING. No money, corrupt stats showing bogus visitors. Same story every single time. There is NO TRUTH to making quick money online without first knowing what you are doing.So here is the TRUTH1. You need respectable ‘Online Presence’, people should be able to type in your name and something about you comes up. This show you are a real person and not a Nigerian Scam Artist.2. You need an ‘Advertising Budget’. How much money can you afford each day towards marketing what you have to sell to people? $2.00 a day for advertising should be your minimum on a proven product that sells. $20 for a 24 hour promo of a new product to see how well it will run. The bigger the profit the more ad’s or variations of the ad should run.3. Become an expert about all things ADVERTISING and a good place to start is with FACEBOOK. With the largest market in one place, you have the ability to specifically identify your niche.4. Join every social media program that is out there, the more people are talking about you and what you do or what you have is great advertising and will drive traffic i.e. buyers directly to you.5. FACEBOOK really is a great tool for online marketers only people don’t really know how to use it effectively (which is good for you) because I can teach you how to use it to your best advantages.Do these things and FIRST and you will see that these tried and true methods will work for any product, in any country, at any time.

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